• Fingertip Products has a line-up of exclusive and unique products.

    This gives retailers an opportunity to introduce products that are fresh and new to the marketplace.

Welcome to Fingertip Products

Fingertip Products is a full-service product development company, working on every stage of the process from conception to design, development and manufacturing.

We currently sell an array of items including handy Fingertip Flashlight Kits, our line of award-winning, patent-pending Fingertip Books, in addition to popular novelty items like Talking Toilet Paper. We’re constantly developing new products. Most of our products are designed for both the retail and promotional industry.

If you are interested in representing or reselling our products please visit our contact page.

    • autokit

      Auto Accident Kit

      It provides users with a variety of tools to help document an accident, including an instruction guide written by former insurance adjustors that's full of full of expert advice and room for notes and diagrams.


      Forever Flashlight

      With the Forever Flashlight, “forever” really does mean “forever”. Self-charging, the Forever Flashlight never requires batteries or electricity. Suitable for home and outdoor emergencies, put the Forever Flashlight in your car, garage, purse or gym bag. Don’t get stuck in the dark again.


      Flashlight First Aid Kit

      The Fingertip Kits First Aid Kit combines a handy first aid kit and a large, bright flashlight into one easily accessible, easy to carry package. The kit has a magnet on the bottom to secure to refrigerator or file cabinet.



      Talking Picture Postcard

      The Talking Picture Postcard is an exciting new way to send a customized voice message. It’s now as easy as 1-2-3 to customize photos, pictures and drawings. Write a personal greeting, affix stamp and mail! Insert up to 4”x 6” postcards, pictures or drawings and record up to ten seconds.



      Refrigerator Magnet Books

      These compact magnetic books deliver concise information in a handy, portable package no larger than a credit card. The innovative design allows the book to fold out to provide 26 pages of useful facts, figures, trivia, and other essential information. The colorful pages are waterproof, tear-proof, and deliver a trove of advice and tips in a guide that slips easily into a pocket, briefcase, or purse, or stays right where it is needed on a refrigerator or file cabinet.



      Talking TP & PottyMate

      A high-tech recordable and re-recordable toilet paper holder, Talking TP replaces standard TP spindles and plays back messages and sounds.